Sometimes life does feel like swimming against the tide and if you don't want to drown you have to what? That's right keep swimming.

I do wonder why things have to be hard sometimes or if things are supposed to be hard. I do know that everyone has hard times whether it is in their job, with their children, elderly parents, their relationship or life in general. We keep swimming because we truly believe that the tides will change eventually.

I suppose that is what counts the most. The strong believe that the tide is temporary and the tide will change over time.

There is always something, isn't there.
04/28/2014 11:06am

Yes, there is.
And the older we get the more stuff comes up.

04/28/2014 4:11pm

I agree with Steffi... the older we get, the more 'something' there usually is.
Trying to convince ourselves that all situations are temporary and that the tide will change is the only thing that will keep us going.


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